New Year = New Beginnings

It’s not uncommon to feel emotional at this time of year when we take a moment to reflect and given the stressful year we’ve had in 2021, though this stress may be more so for some people than others.


Today, one of my main priorities is journaling all the pieces of gold I have gained from the challenges that have been in this year and I encourage you to do the same.It is so easy to be stuck in the past, especially when there is stress, emotional suffering and pain involved.


The flipside of pain and suffering is always that there is a beautiful wisdom to be found especially when we take time to unpack what it is. Looking for wisdom and finding meaning in pain and suffering is one of the most golden rules of dealing with stress and mental health issues.


Taking time out today to create some space for you to go inwards and reflect will serve you well. It will set you up in a creative and powerful space so that you get to write the book of your life into 2022 and beyond.


In the crazy world we live it may seem at times that forces are against you and are controlling you BUT You have the power within you to create anything and everything that you ever dreamed of.


To help with this process today I would like to ask you 2 questions that will help you open 2022 with new positive and empowering thoughts.

1- What is the most powerful learning that you can take away from what your year has been ?
2- How specifically can you apply this wisdom and learning to make your 2022 even more powerful ?


Now go write in great detail, dig even deeper than the surface level answer, If you get stuck repeat the question in your mind and repeat it out loud.Trust your subconscious and your deeper inner wisdom has all the answers you ever need. TRUST your answers TRUST yourself


All of the work I do with coaching and Pilates is designed for you to be in charge of your life and create new healthy belief systems. YOU have to do the inner work though, and trust me it does not come easy at times.


The good news is that I can guide you along this journey, I know what it is like to live with stress and have deep dark physical and emotional pain, BUT most of all I know how to heal.


If you would like to be a part of this journey in the upcoming year, I would love to have you by my side as we travel into 2022. I look forward to you joining me as I launch with a range of new services that will help you, business and your workplace stay strong and healthy.


In particular my services will help you and your teams stress levels, reduce burn out and lessen mental health challenges. Together we can all create greater prosperity, productivity, energy, success and our best health in our life, business and career.


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Have the most happy, amazing fun, vibrant peaceful and happy New Year and I especially wish you greater health and prosperity in 2022


Hugs Sandra Leigh 31/12/2021


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