My life and business philosophy is based on the concept of living a happy, healthy and holistic life BOTH physically and mentally.


I am committed to this healthy, fit and empowered lifestyle that I have created and this personal journey of discovery and self-development. Pilates has paid a huge role in the healing of my body and heart and if you get the chance, consider trying it, it is a mindful and safe practice that will serve you well.


Always having a passion for fitness, and after practicing Pilates and yoga for over 10 years, Pilate’s instruction, coaching & training seemed like a natural choice for me to pursue. 


Over the years I have developed a reputation for caring deeply for my clients and delivering quality service in business, I am able to do this because I teach what I know!

The life I had made me sick

I was sick with depression, sadness and pain.  After all of this and spending 10 years sitting in an office chair in one of my businesses I was left  in excruciating pain caused by a combination of a sedentary sitting posture and past injuries, I was in a very bad way. 


It wasn’t until I made a series of  life changing decisions  that I truly found myself and I now know what it feels like to live a rich full happy truly healthy living without both physical and emotional pain.


In the dark times, I always new there was a better way and I set out to find what that looked like. I discovered the secret formula to take control of my mind body health and happiness and I am so excited to share that with you. 

Sandra In Business

I have been a small business owner for over 25 years, specialising in service-based businesses. At 19 I purchased a small business; a pet shop in Cairns where I spent the next several years honing my small business skills. When I built my first home at the same time I gained many valuable lessons in life and money management at this stage of life.

Operating my current businesses Pilates Success & Sandra Leigh Training for over 10 years now, I am passionate about delivering educational health programs online and offline by way of one on one, personal training, keynote speaking, retreats, webinars, Pilates, group, personal coaching and self-development trainings.

The services of Sandra Leigh Training & Coaching offers personalised coaching to work with you around ownership and achievement of your goals. Coaching works because it brings out your best.

Business Coaching supports implementing your goals and makes you accountable for doing what you say you will do.