Creating calm in our minds and our lives takes mindful practice and there are so many factors at play In order to achieve this potentially elusive for some calm.

Depending on the level of stress , mental health challenge or burnout journey as to how easy it is to bring this calm into the moment or better still every moment of our lives.

No matter the level of challenge the mind is an amazing underused organ that has the greatest capacity to bring instant change and create long-term success in every area of our lives.

When we understand the concept that we can create our own reality, this gives us enormous power to pull ourselves out of stress and mental states that are dragging us down.

The first step is actually creating the belief that what you are experiencing now is only a point in time and there is a healthy future ahead of you. If you are completely spiralling with repetitive negative thoughts this concept is a challenging one because everything seems so dark.

But still, the belief is the start point and it is completely achievable with small consistent steps and the right focus.

Next is to paint the big picture in a massive, colourful, attention to detail dream like state. Then repeat that dream like state of the big audacious healthy goal, Over and over again.

Recreate this picture first thing in the morning when you open your eyes and at any opportunity you have a few minutes to dream. When I was very ill and could barely leave my house , I had a dream that I would be completely healthy, fully energised , back to peak physical fitness, running on the beach.

I created this dream exactly as I have written above, I wrote this dreamy goal down step-by-step and then spent time visualising it every single day. I clearly remember the day I hit the beach and started running, It was just as I imagined it to be but 10 time’s better.

The ocean was calm and a beautiful dark aqua blue, The sky was the most brilliant sky blue, The sand was white and flat , it was warm but not too hot and there was a gentle breeze. The smell of the beach was just divine.

That day was the most amazing conditions you could imagine and the most wonderful thing of all is that I created it through the concept of ‘creating my own reality. ‘ There have been many other amazing things I have created in my life with exactly these easy steps, including buying my dream house and creating my lifestyle business .

Part neuroscience, part NLP , a combination of all my body work, coaching and daily practices helps me keep stress under control , my mind calm , keeps me smiling , keeps the bad mind dog at bay and keeps me creating the success I want to achieve in my life health and business.

Take a moment now and work through these easy steps so that you can bring the calm into your life that you need in order to create the success you want. We cannot create success when we have constant instability, it is only through commitment to change that you will create the exact reality that you have always dreamt of. Dream big and make it happen my friend

  1. Define what you want
  2. Make it big but it also must be realistic
  3. Paint the picture, Make it colourful bright add some sounds and smells
  4. Write it down
  5. Dream it every single day creating even more detail as you go.

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