What messages are we missing?

I recently attended an ‘Intuitive Coaching’ training and the training was a time to look for the patterns that drive us, looking within for our answers as well as looking for the hidden messages in the symbols that are around us every day. It was very cool and an area that I am most interested in pursuing further with my clients and myself.

Our Answers Are Within

Once again I was reminded that all too often we are looking outside of ourselves for so-called answers, when in fact we have everything that we need in side of us. Messages are everywhere we look, if we can just take the time to be more present to them and take notice.

The key to finding the answers within lies always with the quality questions that we ask ourselves, and the next key to questions is to answer honestly. Following are a series of questions of great questions that you can ask yourself when wanting to solve a problem or even just to seek inspiration on a direction to take. Write them down and answer them honestly.

We Must Trust First

The other key to finding the answers within is to trust the very first thing that comes to mind your sub-conscious mind, it is the holder of the truth, even if at first you don’t understand it. The answer will unfold in time, when you try to analyze whilst in the questioning part of this process, you won’t be using your sub-conscious and therefore you wont find the answers that you seek.

Do I want the problem or the answer? (If you reply the problem, forget it just pack up and go home)

• What do I want?
• For what purpose do you want that?
• How will I know when I get it specifically?
• What’s it like now?
• What is this experience here to teach me?

Communicating honestly with ourselves is the first step to deepening our relationship with others. I teach how to do this more effectively when we dive into the HEALTHY WORKPLACES COMMUNICATIONS series of workshops.



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