To trapeze or not to trapeze?

Have you ever done something that you know you shouldn’t? Well I guess the answer to that is yes, seeing as it is a human trait.

When on holidays recently I was faced with a decision whether to participate in circus trapeze, you know those instances when you are surrounded by friends and you want to join in but know you really shouldn’t.

The circus master was stating loud and clear ...

The circus master was stating loud and clear “ if you have any back, neck, shoulder or wrist injuries you should not do this” as the little voice in my head was saying don’t’ listen to him Sandra, you are strong, you can do this, you must do this ”

To make matters worse my group of friends are a bunch of self development gurus, so in in my head I was facing their perceived judgments if I didn’t go ahead. “oh she is just scared, she hasn’t the mindset to do it” . Yes I was scared , but I was scared of hurting my- self, not scared of doing it. And guess what, that is exactly what happened.

Most of all I am annoyed at myself

Most of all I am annoyed at myself, I am sick of hurting myself in physical activities. On top of this I went to the gym on Saturday and most of the class was weights that I couldn’t do due to my shoulder, so I did about 1000 squats & lunges instead. Was this good for me? NO IT WASN’T, I hurt myself even more, my back & hip is still sore 4 days later.

When am I going to learn to just do what is good for my body? Do what doesn’t cause me pain, gives me flexibility and mobility an just makes me feel great, yes that’s right Pilates and yoga with a little bit of bike riding, swimming and walking.

It is a simple formula, just do it and stick to it.

It is a simple formula, just do it and stick to it. Forget about the side of me that wants to do all the other things, if I just listen to my body, it has the answers, it is after all part of what I teach others.

I hereby declare, NO MORE CIRCUS TRAPEZE OR HARD CORE GYM CLASSES, my body has had enough. I will stand tall and proud on the sideline not caring one bit what other people think. This is about leaving the ego at the door, I am done with it.


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