Time to Reflect

When making time to reflect just becomes another job that you don’t do it’s important to take notice And I am glad that I have. As I plan my morning this morning I have all my final ‘to do’s’ of the week to get through before my sister arrives this afternoon and we spend some quality time together.


Go for a walk, go to Pilates, write a newsletter, make phone calls, tidy up the booking system, send emails, do the banking etc.etc


Whether you’re in business or not I think understand get what I’m talking about.This relentless never-ending to-do list whereas there is no time or space to reflect or just be.


So instead this morning I’m taking that time to consider my habit of cramming every little activity into the thing we called time and space. Yes it’s great I get stuff done and I like to you think I am efficient and productive but – what am I missing and at what cost ?


What have I found here in this time and space this morning, and what have I noticed ?


ME …

My physical body is tired
My neck is tight
I feel strong
My shoulder is sore
I feel excepting and calm
I feel pleasure because it’s shaping up to be a beautiful day
I am happy to have spent quality time with my family this week
I am looking forward to seeing my sister
I am worried a little about my dad’s health



Temperature is warm
The sky is blue
The birds are chirping
People are busy running and walking their dogs
There is bustle of tradesmen and the roads are getting busier
I can hear the ocean
The air smells clean
I have just received a couple of beautiful smiles from passerby’s
I got to pat the most cute dog ever


There is nothing that I have to do at the moment about any of my above awarenesses other than to take notice, appreciate and accept. Living a healthy holistic life is about awareness, we cannot have true deep awareness when we are constantly in a state of movement.


Be still, breathe and spend time alone in your surroundings with expanded awareness to being some richness and depth into your day. Ground yourself into the present moment and set your day up with peace and clarity.


Then get on with your jobs …


Sandra Leigh is a Professional Pilates Instructor, Teacher, Trainer and Coach who specialises in helping people, businesses and workplaces, improve mind and body performance !

Sandra Leigh is a Professional Pilates Instructor, Qigong Teacher, Trainer and Coach who specialises in helping woman over 40 live free from physical and emotional pain!

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