Healthy Office Bodies Membership
Questions, Answers and Common Objections

There are two different pricing structures, one for individuals and one for businesses with teams.

Individuals– There are economical monthly and annual membership rates.

Prices start from about $4.70 per class per person on the annual package (over 100 classes)

Monthly with no lock in contract is about $6.50 a session.

HERE is the full list of individual prices.

Businesses with teams please contact Sandra Leigh at [email protected] for your options.


Unlike online Pilates where as you need a mat and other small equipment,  NO specific equipment is required,  on occasion a chair is used which most people have in an office environment. You will need to be wearing loose fitting clothing so that you can move your body comfortably and please always bring a water bottle with you .

Yes, I totally get it and I am more than happy to gift you a session for FREE session to try it. Check out SANDRA LEIGH TRAINING EVENTS TAB ON FACEBOOK AND BOOK NOW, let’s get you started.

As a special bonus to members, founder and senior Trainer Sandra Leigh runs regular FREE Q & A and coaching sessions.

Just check the session timetable under class description FREE Q & A or follow the events at the follow social media pages. All members and client will also receive email updates on the bonus events


At these sessions you can ask Sandra ANY question regarding your personal circumstances.

If you have concerns about any particular musculoskeletal injury or special condition that you are concerned about, she will guide you with her best advice. Sandra is an experienced Master Coach and will guide you to make your mist empowering decision about your health, wellbeing and life choices.  

If it is a mental health issues or any other serious health condition, Sandra is also a part of a large quality holistic health network that will support you.

Sandra will refer you on to other professional practitioners if you need extra help with your health and well-being.

As a special bonus, if you are a member on either a recurring monthly membership or annual membership, you will also be invited to regular exclusive health and well-being events.

This program is designed specifically to be modified for most muscular skeletal problems.

All routines are based on the safe movement principles of online Pilates

Sandra Leigh and her team have a wealth of experience working with injury and with injury repair.

However, this program is not specifically designed for acute conditions and injury rehabilitation.

If this is you then it is recommended that you seek professional advice before starting from your Doctor, Surgeon, Chiropractor or Physiotherapist to obtain a clearance to start this program.

If you are concerned about your specifics, please join Sandra for the FREE Q and A sessions, or better still book a private assessment to determine your program suitability.

Sandra has specifically kept the assessment price at a reduced rate of $75 to encourage you to take up this valuable one on one private assessment and training session with her.

SET UP YOU ACCOUNT NOW, and Sandra will contact you to schedule this session at a time suitable for both schedules.

YES, absolutely it is.

This specialty program is designed to be gentle, mindful, educational, fun and easy.

The program takes a systematic layered learning approach where as you will gradually build your skills and confidence.

If you are particularly unsure, please join Sandra for the FREE Q and A sessions scheduled or book a private personal assessment.

SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT NOW , and Sandra will contact you to schedule this session at a time suitable for both schedules.

Master Coach and senior trainer Sandra Leigh has designed a systematic program that is easy and mindful, office specific and to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or office on Zoom.

Sandra has spent years working with injuries caused my repetitive and faulty workplace postures.

All of the routines are specifically designed to prevent the damage that these environments cause.


  • Dysfunctional Desk Posture
  • Neck, Shoulder, Hip & Back Pain
  • Stress & Mental Health

After these sessions you and your team will start the day or face the rest of your workday feeling energised, stress free, ready to focus and finish the day strong without the usual ‘exhausting afternoon drag’ and brain fog.

Sandra and her team teach interactive online Pilates ‘based ‘ sessions that are designed to complement anybody that has been sitting for too long in an office chair.

Every session focuses on the KEY PAIN POINTS of a sedentary posture , That is the neck, shoulder, back, hips AND the mind.

The sessions are easy for all levels of fitness and beginners are especially welcome.

You and your team will learn easy to do, every day simple movement and mindfulness practices to help reduce costly workplace injury, sick leave, stress, increase productivity and improve all round health and well-being.

Yes of course, I would not want you to continue paying membership if it is not working for you at the moment.

If you are leaving us with credit still intact on a non-refundable product. My promise to you is that it will remain intact until such time you come back and join us on the program again.

I have had many clients over the years leave for various life reasons only to return down the track even more committed to their health and well-being.

Another option is that you can ‘gift ‘any outstanding credits to a friend in need.

To cancel your monthly direct debit membership, you will need to email [email protected]

14 days’ notice by email is required to cancel all monthly memberships.

There are no refunds on prepaid annual memberships.

As stated above, any outstanding credit will be held until you’re return.

See LINK To Australian consumer law

If you’re team is remote, hybrid and in an Australian time zone then YES 100 percent it is.

In fact, the feedback we have received is that the Healthy Office Bodies program is perfect for building team morale and productivity.

Consider showing your team how much you care by signing up for the complete system of 12 sessions delivered in a private team environment at a time that suits your business schedule. This is a wonderful exclusive option for you and your team over the public events.

Contact Sandra Leigh now to book your sessions

[email protected]

We certainly live in a busy world and many people have found time or lack of time is a problem. That is exactly why Healthy Office Bodies is designed to be 30 minutes only.


It is a special bonus that the 30-minute sessions have shown to boost productivity and output. This is a massive time saving benefit.


Evidence also shows that when we are overworked, stressed, tired and burnt out the quality of our work drops.


If you cannot find 30 minutes, twice a week to devote to your self-care in your working day, maybe this is not an issue of time rather a issue of commitment to self?


Sandra leigh is also available for health and well-being, mindset coaching if you find that you put your business, family and everything else before your own health and well-being.

We totally get this and that is exactly why we have created an easy to cancel monthly option with no obligation.

CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT NOW and let’s get you started.

To cancel your monthly membership, you will need to email [email protected]

14 days’ notice by email is required to cancel all monthly memberships.

Our world has certainly got expensive and I’m sorry if you are struggling at the moment. Healthy Office Bodies is designed to be economical, and the first place to start is with a free session.

After that you can decide on one of the economical membership options so that you can continue looking after yourself in these tight financial times.

Let me help get you started with a FREE session. GO TO THE EVENTS TAB AT SANDRA LEIGH TRAINING ON FACEBOOK and join us for a FREE session.


Life gets in the way and there will be times when you cannot make the sessions. As a member of Healthy Office Bodies, you will receive an email with the class link after every session for you to participate in your own time for greater flexibility and convenience.