Have you got stuck in a fork in the road of your life, career and/or business?


"Maybe it’s YOUR TIME to be the best healthiest version of you (and / or your business) EVER and you didn’t even realise it".

know what it’s like to suffer in silence, let me help you stop making the same mistakes I made with my life, business, health & wellbeing.

Let us get together for a one-on-one discovery session to see how my transforming systems of change can work for you ….


Are you challenged in any of these areas?

Let’s get you started and transform you FOREVER!

Just like these clients that have had amazing results through working with SANDRA LEIGH, her systems of change, body work and TRANSFORMATION!

I found Sandra’s coaching to be friendly, open and honest. That smile is genuine and the passion is real. From the first moment you feel welcome, by the time you leave you feel like a friend. The content is relevant and proactive with everyone participating with the format client friendly. I enjoyed the coaching sessions and have no hesitation in recommending Sandra Leigh Training.


-Judi Johnson


Improve Your Mental Health

More women than men experience high or very high levels of psychological distress

At least one in seven women report experiencing an anxiety-related condition

Women report higher rates of depression or feelings of depression than men

Exercise, practising mindfulness, reducing stress and eating a healthy diet is known to help reduce mental health challenges

Sandra learnt early on that to be truly healthy, happy, and successful our habits and practises MUST be holistic, we MUST look at ALL areas of our life to be whole!

Let’s dive deep into 3 Core Health Transforming Healthy Life Components


1. Healthy Mind

Together we will identify your beliefs about you, your life, your health, your body, well-being career & business that are holding you back without you even knowing it.


Specifically, we will look at your ways of thinking about all the major critical areas of your life, body, health and well-being as well as building confidence, focus and motivation.


I will guide you through exercises and processes, the very same ones that I used to transform my own health, life and business as well as my clients. These key learnings and processes will quickly get you unstuck and on track so that you can face any challenge with confidence and clarity knowing that you will come out on top.

In this component, you will discover ….

  • What self-limiting beliefs are holding you back?
  • And what to do about it
  • Are you unconfident, unsure and don’t know what direction to tack in life?

2. Healthy Body

Let’s explore what building a healthy body means to you and with my experience and support I will gently encourage you to create new healthy habits and a new mindset around your physical body and how you live in your body.


When we work on a new body it is so important to have someone there supporting you that has been down the hard roads of changing everything about their physical and mental health.


Sandra has many years’ experience working in the field of Pilates and transformative healing body practices and she will support you to create new habits and exercise practices that are gentle, kind and will be exactly what your body needs and that will work for you and your lifestyle.

In this component you will discover ….

  • What is your biggest challenge?
  • Work on weight (if its a problem) 
  • Get fit, stay fit
  • How to stay motivated
  • Address any muscular skeletal issues that are causing you physical pain
  • Address ageing issues such as menopause, sleeplessness and or hot flushes

3. Healthy Soul

Being successful and healthy in life is not just a physical body and mind. In order to truly be healthy, we need to address what brings us peace, balance, and tranquility. In my trainings the definition of ‘Healthy Soul’ is basically what brings you peace and balance.


We will address many areas that are challenged by todays stressful, face paced living. There may be many areas addressed by way of meditations and transformative relaxations including a focus on healing health, calming the mind, finding inner peace, confidence, purpose, dealing with stress, anxiety and many other problematic areas of life.

In this component you will discover ….

  • You will learn to take quality time out for yourself and respect this time as being as valuable as any other health and wellbeing practise and process.
  • You will discover a deeper level of peace and calm that you have never before experienced in your life and realise that it is this inner peace and calm that is the connection to you relating more deeply with yourself and other people.
  • Design an ‘all about you’ peace and wellbeing program, and easy system that you will implement into your life step by step, no pressure, just calm and experience a deeper sense of wellbeing

Now obviously we can’t cover ALL of this in our 1-hour DISCOVERY SESSION.


BUT we WILL be able to identify some key areas that you can work on and that I can help you with if you want to work ongoing with me.


You WILL have an action plan after our session that will powerfully drive you forward with your goals and dreams.



So, here’s the deal I’m making with you right now …

You will receive a 60 – 75 minute transformative one on one coaching session to discover how great your life can be and to see if we are a match made in heaven to work together ongoing.


PLUS you will receive a follow up of a up to 30-minute session to make sure that you have the support you need to keep going with your changes.


If we are not a match, that’s all good too, AND you will still receive the learnings, tools and resources that I give to you in our sessions to keep you moving forward.


I’m promising you the fastest path to your health, business, career and life success and a life you’ve always dreamt of. By transforming you from a ‘stuck, in the fork of the road of your life,’ whatever that looks like to you to unlocking your ‘Inner Healthy Successful Self ‘.


AND giving you all the tools and resources, you need to get the results BUT you have skin in this game too!


You have to do the work.  And if you’re not willing to, you’ll be wasting both our time.


So, let’s sum it up …


You and I get together by phone or Zoom for a couple of sessions and If you’re not absolutely amazed with your results.

If you’re not looking at your life, health and well-being from a whole new perspective of “ I got this, it is NOT a problem” …


I personally Guarantee it !

So …. with your success all but guaranteed, you’re probably wondering…




This is such a small investment in yourself that pays huge dividends into your future, one that will pay you back for the rest of your life by letting you live the healthy life you always wanted.


Doing all the active fun things you always dreamed, having a strong body, mind AND making a difference in your world by being the example to your friends and family by showing them how to live the best life you want.


This potential transformation will free you up from that “’ stuck in the road mindset ‘ a mindset that keeps you stuck and struggling and not let you become the person that you have always wished to be.


And when you weigh up all that against the investment of what it will do for you and your future in return, then this is an easy choice.


And because I’m committed to making this one-on-one coaching offer accessible to as many people as possible so that you can make your healthy life and success dreams a reality…



Sandra Leigh has been in business since the very young age of 19 years old and knows exactly how to help business owners create success, build a business of passion and have more freedom in their lives.

ESTIMATES ARE THAT one in three new small businesses in Australia fail in their first year of operation, two out of four by the end of the second year, and three out of four by the fifth year.

Key reasons why start up businesses fail?

That’s it, if that’s not fair I don’t know what is!
So …. with your success all but guaranteed, you’re probably wondering HOW TO I GET STARTED?