7 Healthy Principles for Remote Workers

Part 2…


Precision is about clear and solid focus, blocking out any or all distractions so that your work is precise and accurate. If we are constantly behind on our work goals and flow, this will put unnecessary stress on our mind and body systems.

Review what checks and balances you need to put in place so that your work is of the standard that is required before you start, work on and sign off on it. Do you need a check list or digital system to help?

Time Support

• Turn your private phone off if that is practical
• Use task management processes and systems
• Look at time management systems

When you draw on the help and support of simple efficient time saving systems this will increase your workflow and will cause you less stress.

What is your work environment like on an ambient and feel-good level?

It is important that we like our workspace, especially seeing as we have to spend so many hours there.

Can you bring in a plant or special mementos, stick up power quotes that will help life your mood when needed. Taking time to ‘dress’ your workplace will help you keep clear and focused so that you put out quality precise accurate and productive work.

Some ambient support ideas

• Do you need white noise to focus?
• Do you need or like calm concentration music?
• Do you have a view to look out when you have a break?
• Place a nice colourful picture to stimulate your senses
• Run a natural oil diffusor


Taking time out to determine what is within your control and what is not throughout the day is hugely important to your mental health and wellbeing.

If you are spending too much unfocussed time worrying about things outside of your control you are placing enormous stress on your emotional systems.

When you clearly understand what is ‘within your circle of power or concern ‘you will feel much more empowered and in control within your work day.

If there are outside influences that are causing you stress distress and or distraction it is important to address them promptly and not ignore them, guess what? they won’t go away if you ignore them

Here is an exercise in control –

  1. Write a full list of everything that is bothering you
  2. Divide the list into 2 new columns
  3. No. 1 column THINGS I CAN CONTROL
  5. Divide up the original list into these 2 columns
  6. ONLY focus what the column THINGS I CAN CONTROL

After you stay focused in the no. 1 column you will then have to decide what to do with the other column THINGS OUTSIDE OF MY CONTROL , ask yourself.


• Does it really matter?
• Can I get someone else to help with this?
• For this to be perfect – what would have to change?


We hear the statement ‘work life balance ‘banded around all of the time, so what is it really?

In terms of the 7 PRINCIPLES OF HEALTHY LIFE SUCCESS and within the context of a healthy business or workplace it means to work through all areas of a system or process whilst feeling a sense of balance, calm and harmony in all areas.

Mind, body, soul, home, life, relationships, business and the home workplace, they are all connected. If one is out of balance, it will affect the other.

Now not all workplaces support this ideal, but I wish for you to adopt the concept so that you can create your own system of balance within the system you are working in.

What systems do you have in place to make sure that your day is as balanced every single day?

• As before, do you have a morning routine
• Set your alarm every 20 minutes to move your body and stretch
• Drink a minimum of 500 mils of water every hour
• Have nutritious snacks handy, planned and prepared ahead of time.
• Minimise caffeine and sugar drinks
• Have planned break times away from your PC
• Go for a walk in the middle in the day if you can
• Block out time for personal needs eg: phone with partner, kids, dog, cat
• Have clear and distinct work start and end times
• Have clear and distinct work versus home space
• Wear work clothes to work and change when finished for the day



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