7 Healthy Principles for Remote Workers

Part 1…

2020 has been the year of great challenge for so many of the human race. Businesses in particular have had to bear the brunt of this massive global crisis, forcing many employees and business people to work from home in remote and hybrid environments.

The stress that has been caused by working in these workplaces has had a huge impact on both physical bodies, mental health and well-being, really like we have never seen before in our lifetimes.

It has also put enormous stress on families, young people, relationships and home life so it is important that we take time to GET THIS RIGHT so that we don’t impact the people you love and or suffer from remote worker burnout, because it is a real thing.

Part 1. In this blog are tips that follow the holistic formula I have developed called of the 7 PRINCIPLES OF HEALTHY LIFE SUCCESS. I am excited to share with you this simple formula about working and living more healthily from home.

Part 1. In this blog are tips that follow the holistic formula I have developed called of the 7 PRINCIPLES OF HEALTHY LIFE SUCCESS. I am excited to share with you this simple formula about working and living more healthily from home.

7 Principles of Healthy Life Success

  • FLOW 


I talk about stabilising as being a key and the 1 st principle to a healthy mind, body & business, it all starts with getting the mindset right.

In most cases there is no order to the principles, but I most often teach that stabilising comes first. We can’t make progress, start something, get focused, stay focused, work efficiently, or productivity in an unstable environment.

Instability comes in many forms, it could be in terms of how you feel, is home life unstable, is money causing pressure, is there crazy going on that needs to be supported first?

Some questions to ask yourself first thing before you start your day are: — 


• How do I feel today?
• If I feel unsettled what specifically is bothering me?
• What do I need to do in order to stabilise right now?
• How can I take some time for me right now?


• What is not working that I need to address?
• What is not working that I am ignoring?
• Who do I need to call on to help stabilise this environment?
• What do I need to do to stabilise this environment?


Before we start work in the morning it’s so important that we feel refreshed and focused ready to start the day. Time for ourselves is so crucial to physical and mental wellbeing. My view is to fill my cup up first, then I am ready to give my all to my family, clients and business.

Creating a healthy morning routine that you can do every single morning without fail before you start work will help you align your mind, body then your workplace and or business.

A morning routine really should be individualized exactly for you, so that it actually works and is easy. It doesn’t have to take long; it is all relevant to your lifestyle and commitment.

Time is a huge factor; a busy working Mum will not have anywhere near the same time like someone with no children at home. Just because you feel that you have no time is NOT an excuse to ignore this step, in fact all the more reason to do it.

The following example here is MY exact morning routine that I do every day except Sunday when my Sunday routine is different, starting with a sleep in.

My Morning Routine

Wake up at 5 am – have a full stretch of my body in bed – smile – write 3 things of gratitude in my journal – shower – have a glass of water – make fresh pressed juice – exercise -walking – Pilates – coffee at coffee shop – social media – then home for a protein shake – start at my desk !

Other things you could do are: —

Yoga, gym, journal, breath practise, mediate, swim, skateboard, surf, play music, read motivating quotes, find some humour to laugh at, walk the dog……. YOU GET IT !


In order to make your day flow we need to make sure that we have all of the tools necessary so that we can get a nice full run-on productivity. To prepare ask yourself ….

• What are the tasks that are needed for the day?
• Is your calendar in order (I suggest you plan this the day before)?
• What potential distractions could inhibit your flow of work?
• What do you need to organise prior to starting work so that you can continue your work day with flow and ease e.g. food preparation, online shopping done, private tasks complete?


In Pilates terms the centre means the core, within the mind and soul it means the heart. Take time to define what is the heart or centre of your tasks and goals for the day and/or your week.

When all of your tasks can revolve around making sure that you work towards this centred objective, you will know exactly what you need to do.

If and when you drift off track, just bring it back to the centre, find the core, find the heart of what you need to do to stay on track.

Stay Strong Stay Healthy hugs from Sandra Leigh.



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