3 Things You Must Know About Christmas

1. Christmas Can Be Sad

While many of us are enjoying spending extra time with our families, it can also be a time for some people to get a little sad about those that aren’t with them any longer. I daresay we have all experienced some grief, pain and loss of a loved one, well this time of the year can highlight that painful feeling. By all means take the time to sit and reflect and honor the memory of those lost loved ones and then make a real concerted effort to find joy at this time of the year with those that are still with us. Also often times people don’t see their families at Christmas time so please take the time to reach out to others, connect and have fun.

2. Christmas Drinking Is Bad For You

Sorry to state the obvious here. Those of you that know me know I do love a drink and a good time, however the excessive alcohol that can be consumed at this time of year creates massive inflammation in the body. Inflammation can cause joint pain at the least and a whole range of other health issues. We can also store excess fluids in the body with the combination of heat and alcohol. To counteract this, make an extra effort and drink lots of water while you are partaking in a little tipple.

3. Don’t Get Stuck In The Past

Reflection is great, but don’t get stuck there !!! Look forward not backwards; I personally hate the media at this time of year, they go back over all the tragedy that has been in the world in the past year. This is not how I operate, my view always is to look forward and create the next exciting time of your life. I am working on some new business goals next year and very excited to be doing so. My suggestion here is to keep looking forward, create an amazing vision about what you want out of your life. Create great health, great relationships, great business, career or hobby interests. You create your reality you create your future !!!



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