This class is Pilates stretch infused class that is designed especially for business owners & remote workers to improve the common areas of challenge, pain and dysfunction caused by repetitive desk work and lack of mobility throughout the working day.




  • Dysfunctional desk posture
  • Neck, shoulder & back pain
  • Stress & mental health


All levels catered for, especially beginners or those that have some MINOR pre- existing conditions such as neck, shoulder, back and hip pain.


This class is NOT designed for those that have chronic high-level pain or serious muscular skeletal conditions.


If you do, then I suggest you book a PRIVATE ASSESSMENT SESSION with Sandra to assess your individual needs and to offer you recommendations on how best to manage your body.  


If you have not done Pilates, yoga, online exercise OR you have a spinal or condition, injury or health concern, it is advisable that we schedule either a QUICK CHAT (15 minutes) OR a PRIVATE ASSESSMENT (1 hour) so that I can assess your general health, spinal mobility and core strength.

The private assessment is the preferred option as our program has unique technique and terminology not practiced in other forms of exercise so it will be something that you may have never experienced before. This technique and terminology is not easily learned in general classes, that is why It is best taught to new clients through a private assessment.

Learning this technique and terminology before joining general classes will allow you to have a significantly better experience in class and benefit more from each and every exercise. This results in noticeably better results over time!

Taking general group classes without learning this technique and terminology could be a bad experience and waste of your time and money…which we can’t bear to let clients do!

Our appointment can be scheduled around your work or busy life. Adding value is always a priority for us and you will receive the following as part of this assessment:
  • General physical & health review
  • Introduction to Pilates principals
  • Core strength test
  • Spine mobility test


The one-hour session is for the person who wants a more holistic session that has a strong focus on what your body needs specifically. If you have injury, pain disfunction or suffering from chronic stress and burnout, then this is the private session for you.


The 30 minutes session is designed for the BUSY PERSON! You may just want to go a little stronger and faster or it might be the total opposite where as you are totally stressed out and want a calming session focusing on mindfulness, breathing, Qigong, gentle stretching or a combination of all of this.

7 Reasons You Should Invest In Personal Training!

  1. Service

When personal training with me you can be confident knowing you will receive personal service that will exceed your expectations. Personal service is an absolute passion of mine and I am highly motivated to offer you the best your money can buy.


  1. Personalised Program

You will have a personalized program written entirely for your personal needs. This program will take into account your specific goals, health and current level of fitness. You will be assessed in all appropriate areas such as core strength, mobility, stability and balance and then have a program written exclusively for you.


  1. Set Outstanding Goals


As a mind/body coach I will work with you to ensure that you achieve whatever physical goals you wish to reach and beyond. This is a natural part of my goal – orientated nature and I love to inspire others to reach higher and think bigger. As a part of this training you will be set home play in order for you to achieve superior results.


  1. Licensed To Motivate

Have you ever lacked motivation in exercising? Having Sandra as your own personal coach/trainer will help keep you inspired to reach your physical, emotional and health goals.


  1. Consistent Variety

As you work through the different levels of Pilate’s personal training, you will be introduced to many variations that will keep you interested and motivated, ensuring you enjoy your workouts and have fun.


  1. Committed To Safety

Protection of the spine is my number one safety priority and the safety advantage in personal training is obvious. You will have my undivided attention throughout the workout which means your safety is assured.


  1. Accelerate Your Mind/Body Connection

Working one -on- one with me has the added advantage of tapping into my mind/body coaching experience. Being a holistic practitioner means you will be guided and taught to listen not only to what your body is saying to you, but also to listen to your inner voice that is so often ignored. What this means is that you will have a deeper sense of connectedness to yourself through these trainings as a natural consequence of working with me. Invest In yourself now and change your life and body FOREVER with my outstanding program.


The team building sessions can consist of any of the basics such as Pilates, Yoga, Qigong, meditation or a holistic combination of all of these combined into one healthy fun session.

Businesses can book a once of as a fun team building exercise or commit to a longer-term HEALTHY WORKPLACES PROGRAM, that will include a complete solution to your team’s health and wellbeing including workshops, retreats, assessments and live stream movement.

Contact Sandra Leigh direct for more information and private group bookings. OR mobile 0409 625 131

COMING SOON TO TIMETABLE - Yoga, Meditation & Qigong

Yoga – Basic level easy Vinyasa Flow blend of yoga body balance designed to be delivered livestream with a beginner level focus.

Meditation – Designed for reducing stress, mental health problems and increased wellbeing. Each session will be designed with a topic of focus to develop greater self-awareness and calm in everyday life. Example focuses include healing, anxiety, stress, relaxation, pain management, creativity, joy, happiness and more

Qigong – a beautiful gentle flowing movement that draws on ancient Chinese medicine concepts. Qigong is for any age, sex and body and is can practised for healthy inner cellular healing and mindful calmness to bring balance into life.